Together, we can improve women's health through research

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FemTrials is made up of volunteers, researchers, and community collaborators working together to make it easy for you to find the right clinical trial or research study for you or your family.

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Together, we can improve women's health through research

Today, we invite you to join us on a transformative journey by participating in research specifically designed to address women’s unique healthcare needs. By lending your voice and experiences, you can make a lasting impact on the future of healthcare for women worldwide.

Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder

FSIAD is defined as a persistent lack or absence of sexual interest or arousal.

Alzheimer's Alnylam

Too much of the amyloid protein in the brain is seen as a possible cause of Alzheimer’s by many scientists. The intent of the investigational drug ALN-APP is to reduce the “precursor” of the amyloid protein, thus addressing the excessive production of amyloid at the source.

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    Together, we can improve women's health through research.